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Coaxial Cable Stripper

TS100E (1).png
Model Number
TS100E / TS100U

"5 in 1" Coaxial Cable Stripper.
Cable OD: .158 to .433in (4 to 11mm).
Pre-sets: V-3C, LV-61S/L-4CFB, V-5C, V-5CFB, LV77S/L-5CFB.
1xTSC (Blade Cassette) included.
Pack Qty: 1 pc.


"5 in 1" Coaxial Cable Stripper.
Cable OD: .158 to .433in (4 to 11mm).
Pre-sets:  Canare L-2.5CHD, L-4.5CHD+
                 Belden 1855A, 1505A,1694A

1 x TSC (Blade Cassette) included.
Pack Qty: 1 pc.

Key Features:

●  Quick & Easy-to-use hand tool.
●  Rotary Knob selects 5 different cable set-ups.
●  3 Circular Steel Blades Cut cleanly & precisely.
●  Blade height is fully adjustable, wrench included.
●  Special extra “side-slit” jacket blade.
●  Unique V-Guide aligns coax in center of chamber.
●  5 Factory pre-sets...or, create your own settings.
●  For most Canare 75 ohm BNC, RCA and F crimp plugs.
●  Rotary knob selects 5 different cable setups.
●  Make your own cable setting within cable O.D. 4mm - 11mm.
●  Hexagonal wrench is attached for quick blade adjustment.
●  1 blade attached and also sold separately (TSC).

●  Special extra “side-slit” jacket blade.

●  Unique V-Guide aligns coax in center of chamber

ts100 intructions.jpg
Model Number
TSC (1pc)

Replaceable blade

●  Replacement blade for TS100E


Hand Crimp


Key Features:

● Interchangeable die sets.
● Scissor ratchet action.
● Emergency release lever.
● Adjustable crimp force via drag washer.
● Hardened Swedish Steel construction.
● Rated at 50,000 dura-cycle lifespan.

Die Sets


Key Features:

Please see General Specifications.

Die Set for TC-1 Crimp Tool
Pack Qty: 1 pc

Crimp Tools (Cables to Connector Cross-Reference BNC, F, RCA, etc. DIN 1.0/2.3)


Extraction Tools

Model Number
DIN 1.0./2.3
Model Number
Model Number
Slim BNC
Model Number
Micro BNC and DIN
Model Number
Extraction tool for BNC straight plug
12 inch
Extraction tool for DCP-C & HBCJ series
Extraction tool for DCP-C series
Extraction tool for MBCP-C series

HFO Extraction Tool

Model Number

Suitable connector:  FCFA, FCF7A, FCFRA, FCFRCA Hybrid Fiber Optic connectors

  • Quick release

  • Tool used to release the alignment sleeve unit when cleaning Hybrid Fiber Optic connectors

HFO Connector Cleaner

Model Number
CLETOP 2.5/2.0

Key Features:

  • Compact and disposable.

  • Allows cleaning both the tips and sides of ferrules.

  • Manufactured by NTT-AT

  • Pack Qty: 100 pcs

Technical Notice
Maintaining Fiber-Optic Hybrid Connectors

The connector sections to be cleaned are the key parts, including the tips and sides of ferrules, the interior walls of alignment sleeves and the interior and exterior of connector shells. Note that scratches and particles of foreign matter on the tip of the ferrule can have a disabling effect on fiber-optic transmission. The following procedures should be used when cleaning fiber-optic connectors.

  • For plugs, the interior surfaces of alignment sleeves and the tips of ferrules are to be cleaned with the non-alcohol treated cleaning stick using a gentle stroking action. Canare FCFA and FCFRA enhance easy cleaning procedure for its innovative alignment sleeve and insulator detachable design.

US Patent: No.7241055B2, JP Patent: No.4340186.

  • For jacks, it is important to clean both the tips and sides of the completely protruding ferrules with the cleaning stick.


  • Both the male and female connector shells tend to attract dust and metal particles, so it is important to clean both the insides and outsides using cotton gauze or similar material.

cletop clean.png
IBC Brand Cleaner M-20 model

Model Number

14347 Cleaner

Tool Case

Model Number


*Other Accessories such as Die Set, Hand Crimp Tool, Cable Stripper are not included in the Tool Case.

High Quality Tool Case. Ideal for Canare Tools.