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Finding You With Every Connection 

Canare Corporation of America manufactures the best One-Stop Smart Solutions in Pro Audio and Video Cable, SMPTE HFO camera cable, 75 Ohm BNC, F, and RCA Connectors, Patchbays, Cable Reels, Snake Systems, Assemblies, Crimp Tools, and Cable Strippers. Canare is committed to empowering A/V professionals such as professional broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants, and many leading OEMs with innovative products. Meeting their growing needs is our priority, providing them with the highest quality products and service they can rely upon with proven reliability and unrivaled customer service.

Film Production
Medical Imaging
Video Production
Stadiums & Arenas
Cable Installations
Concert Venue
Team Meeting
Rocket Launch
Rocket Launch


Innovative professional products for the A/V Industry today, creating stronger connections with people in tomorrow's world.


Committed to unparalleled smart-choice solutions.

Ready to Perform

Our Story

In 1970, Canare was founded by Kimio Kawamoto in Nagoya, Japan. He derived the name from the river that ran near the office, the Kanare. The introduction of the innovative high-quality, low noise microphone cable in 1977 put Canare on the map as a player in the A/V industry. Our reputation continues to grow as well as the list of the many well-known installations and venues we have had a hand in the development of.

We are committed to empowering A/V professionals with innovative products as well as assisting them in finding which products would best fit their demands. Meeting the growing needs of our clients by providing them with the highest quality wares and service is our priority.

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1970  - Founded in Nagoya, Japan

1977  - Released Color Microphone Cable

1981  - Released Multichannel Star Quad Audio Snake Cable

1983  - Established Sales Company in California, USA.

1987  - Introduction of 75 Ohm BNC connector.

1989  - Released 75 Ohm Dual Video Jack.

1990  - Canare donated cherry trees in Balboa Park, Los Angeles City as friendship

1991  - Registered to an over-the-counter stock in the Japanese Securities Dealers Association.

1993   - Nano-tech Laboratory established.

1996   - Canare Electric Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd., established.

1999   - Canare Corporation of Korea, established.

2000  - Canare Headquarter certified ISO09001.

2001   - Canare Corporation of Taiwan, established.

2003  - Canare Electric Co., (Shanghai) Ltd., established.

2004  - Canare Headquarter ISO 14001 Certified

2004  - Canare Corporation of Tianjin, established.

2006  - Canare Listed on the Second and First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange.

2007  - Canare France S.A.S., established.

2008  - Canare Singapore Private LTD, established.

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