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We are a Proud Sponsor of: "The Next Best Thing: A Media Tour 2020"

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Like many of you, we were dispirited to hear the cancellation of the NAB Show in Las Vegas in 2020. It was a rough year for many of us all-around. Without being able to meet with professionals across the country, it was important for us to stay connected with the people. Through one of our close partners, we heard about "The Next Best Thing: A Media Tour," and immediately jumped on the opportunity to spread brand awareness across the United States.

Although there is no replacement to the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas, this was an extraordinary alternative. The tour ranged from coast to coast, covering 45 cities in less than 5 months!

This is a great event to engage with the A/V community and collect valuable insight and opinions.


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